Running concurrently with the Directorate of Diplomatic Missions, the Organization for Intergovernmental partnerships on youth is a platform that facilitates partnerships and cooperation among governments around the world on youth affairs. We work with ministries in charge of youth and offices of heads of states in various countries in advancing youth agenda and addressing the plight of young people in all sectors. Our work compliments that of the world Youth Group organizations and runs Youth Embassies in countries and independent territories. We access situations among governments and facilitate multi-governmental collaborations in youth empowerment.

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The organization is run by the abled leadership of a Director General and supervised by the World Youth Secretary of Diplomacy and International Relations under the constant council of the world Youth President. The World Youth Senate Committee on Diplomacy and International Relations oversees general running of the organization. The World Youth Parliamentary Select Committee oversees the personnel performance and qualifications. The Director General leads a full secretariat with continental, regional and national directors. World Youth Ambassadors, Heads of Missions and Special Envoys handle the technical diplomatic work for the World Youth President with governments intergovernmental organizations and programs.


Realizing the best world possible through intergovernmental partnerships and collaborations on youth.


  • Annual summit on intergovernmental partnerships on youth.
  • Intergovernmental exchange programs on youth
  • Government and Youth diplomacy activism
  • To run activities and projects that support youth friendly partnerships among governments
  • Recognizing and honoring youth-friendly governments and sates
  • Annual government best youth worker awards
  • Annual best head of state and government award
  • Formation, running and coordination of World Youth Embassies and Diplomatic Missions for the World Youth Government

Roles of the President

World Youth Leader and Chief of the World Youth Community Chief Executive Chief World Youth Diplomat Commander of World Youth Scouting Movement Legislative Leader Chief of Party Champion of the Global Economy Organizational leadership


  • To lobby governments for youth interest
  • To support the work of the world Youth Group platforms through diplomatic and governmental lobbying
  • To create relations and facilitate tangible, resourceful communication between the world youth and governments.
  • To run activities and projects that support youth friendly partnerships among governments
  • To facilitate learning and sharing of best practices of youth empowerment among governments


Facilitating youth friendly partnerships and collaborations among world’s governments.

Meet Our Team

David Shitsimi

The World Youth President and Founder/Chairman of the World Youth Group and its platforms, David is a Kenyan youth passionate about changing the world through youth participation. He has a burning desire to lift living standards of people and bring peace and stability in the world. His lifelong commitment is to create the best world possible. He has a background in Aeronautics, Diplomacy and Public Administration.

Andy Batlhophi

Andy is currently serving as the Principal Coordinator of the World Youth Academy. He is a seasoned Business Consultant. Operating as a Global consultant for Patka Consulting which develops small businesses in Equador. Andy also works as a Business Development Manager for an energy company based Botswana.He has completed 3 years of his Entreprenuership Degree. His passion resonates with achieving Global Peace through community development.

Aloyce G.

Aloyce is the current Secretary General of the World Youth Community, he is a Mandela Washington Fellow 2015 under Public Management Track from Florida International University, Miami-USA, a prestigious program for Young African Leaders initiated by President Barrack Obama. Aloyce is a holder of Master of Science Degree in International Management from the University of Nottingham, UK. He is a Lecturer of Public Administration, Human Resource Management and International Management at Mzumbe University, Tanzania.

Phatsima K.

Captain Kgomotso Phatsima is a military pilot and a flight safety officer in Botswana Defence Force. She is has 8 years experience in military aviation, among the first female pilots in the country's Defence Force. Captain Phatsima is the Ambassador of Youth in Aviation and Aerospace in Botswana as well a member of ICAO Next Generation of Aviation Professionals. She holds a Master of Science degree in Strategic Management from the University of Derby with a focus on aviation safety and a post graduate certificate in Enterprise Risk Management as well as a certificate in Finance for Non Finance managers both From Botswana Accountancy College

Enayat Safi

Mr. Enayat Safi, the World Youth Chief Secretary: Enayat has worked in different national and international organizations in the field of youth development and youth programs. He was part of the National Youth Policy's formulation in Afghanistan, and member of the youth charter of the South Asian countries. He has been an outstanding part of the United Nation Mission in Sudan and also served as the first Cross Cultural Program's Representative for Afghanistan initiated by the German Foreign Office, and meanwhile worked for the United Nations Habitat as the Youth Empowerment Program's Adviser, as National Youth Programs Officer for the United Nations Population Fund, , and currently works as the Youth Program Manager for Counterpart International and heading the first ever nation-wide Civil Society Emerging Leaders' Program. Mr. Enayat Safi is recently appointed as the World Youth Chief Secretary by the World Youth Community to coordinate and manage the cabinet, ministerial affairs and support the president of the World Youth Government.

Adolph E.

I Currently the PR and Outreach Executive of WYGroup.I holding a bachelor degree in Accounting from Tanzania Institute of Accountancy(T.I.A) Worked with Public as well as Private otganizations. Worked with the Goverment during General Election as as an Ellectoral agent and as a watch man for ruling and opposition parties. I have also held the following positions with different organizations: EHS Co Ltd, Mohamed Enterprise (T) Ltd, PACT Tanzania, Heifer International as: Administration Assistant, Purchase &Store Account Assistant, Finance Assistant Intern, Finance Assistant respectvely.


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