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The World Youth Academy, Inc provides a common, standardized curriculum that supports world youth through key career transitions, ensuring that they are equipped to serve their communities with excellence. We are a learning institution that is part of the World Youth Group Conglomerate, providing diverse educational programs and sessions a cross the globe, for helping private, public and future leaders and service providers with advanced skills, sharpening expertise and facilitating exchange programs and networking experiences for knowledge acquisition from the world’s best practices.

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We support employees, officials, interns and volunteers of the World Youth Community, World Youth Group and its platforms, public servants, private sector employees, students and entrepreneurs, managers and all learners from a cross the world with skills development; knowledge enhancement; networking; expertise and knowledge enhancement, making them outstandingly competent and reliable in the rapidly growing world.


Our vision is enjoined in the World Youth Group vision of creating the best world possible. We envision an informed and skillfully empowered community of world youth that meets the demands and requirements of public service and private sector leadership with sustainable personal growth in all aspects.


The World Youth Academy will be recognized as the world’s leading institute of specialized learning, educational events and networking experience.


The World Youth Academy is committed to serving the World Youth in an environment dedicated to the learners' success. The institution has an open admission policy and is focused on educational excellence and the achievement of equity among the various populations served. The academy strives to promote in students a sense of responsibility.


Empowering the world youth with education, knowledge, skills and network that maximizes personal and collective potential.

Additionally an understanding of their obligations as members of a global village. The academy fosters the desire to learn, the ability to think clearly and express themselves effectively, the habit of analytical and reflective thought, and an awareness of themselves, their heritage, other cultures, and their environment.

Our Values & Goals


The World Youth Academy embraces these basic institutional values that guide the fulfillment of our Mission:


Success Helping every student to achieve success is our highest priority. We are committed to promoting a climate of student success and to providing an environment conducive to teaching and learning; creating and expanding educational opportunities and support services is paramount to our mission.


We are committed to the highest standards of excellence in all we do; we exemplify this value by providing programs and services that ensure excellence in teaching and learning, student services, and organizational efficiency.


Engagement We are committed to enhancing and promoting student engagement by fully engaging our students as active learners and by providing a broad range of educational experiences both inside and outside the classroom.


We are committed to productive exchanges with all members of the global community and collegial relationships among our various stakeholders.


We seek to uphold the highest standard of ethics.


We value and honor the trust placed in us by making wise and efficient use of resources.


Engagement We are committed to encouraging civic engagement and supporting economic development in the world.


We are committed to a diverse environment that supports an equitable education for all of our students and emphasizes respect for various cultures and individual differences.


We seek to establish connections and relationships locally, nationally, and globally.


In an effort to achieve the academy's mission, we strive to fulfill the following goals and to assess them on a regular basis to ensure the quality of our programs and services.

General Education

Provide a relevant and coherent general education for all our learners. Assess student learning outcomes in scientific/critical thinking and quantitative reasoning; oral and written communication; and information literacy.

Exchange Programs

Provide exchange programs for learners planning to learn from different environments and cultures in all fields. Assess student learning outcomes at the course and program level. Regularly evaluate and update courses, curricula, and programs.

Career Programs

Provide career programs to prepare students to enter the workforce and meet workforce needs. Assess student learning outcomes at the course and program level. Regularly evaluate and update courses, curricula, and programs.

Student Support

Services Provide appropriate support services for all learners that ensure success throughout the learner's academic sessions. Evaluate and update key programs and services in response to student needs.

Developmental Education

Provide developmental education for underprepared students. Continue to implement approaches that facilitate the progress of students through the developmental sequence. Assess students’ success in all our study programs.

Lifelong Learning

Provide courses and programs that encourage lifelong learning and are responsive to the needs of business and industry. Evaluate and update courses and programs, in response to identified needs.

Innovative Pedagogy

Develop, encourage, and support effective and creative approaches to teaching and learning. Regularly assess student learning outcomes.


Provide the necessary resources, both public and private, to support the institutional mission. Also, continue to partner with other stakeholders to identify and generate additional resources. Regularly assess the linkage between budgeting and planning.

Our services and information

Learning opportunities

Learning products that deal with a variety of topics, offering learners many different ways to upgrade their skills and accessible through various programs a cross the globe.

Learning events

Interactive seminars, workshops, armchair discussions and forums that provide opportunities for dialogue on the current issues facing the leadership, service, entrepreneurship and management circles.

Founders' Program

We support founders and aspiring founders with knowledge and skills for starting and running organizations. We train on essential skills necessary for management, leadership, networking, fundraising and resource mobilization, publicity, among others.

Language training

Self-directed evaluation simulations and interactive online tools designed to improve oral and written comprehension, pronunciation, grammar, written expression and fluency in one’s second official language (English, French, Germany, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian).

Youth Leader Program

We take youth leaders through vigorous informative trainings, mentorship and a three-month hands-on leadership experience in foreign and multicultural environment, then issue certificates and recognition awards as WORLD YOUTH LEADERS.

Manager development

Programs that provide public service and private sector employees with the skills and knowledge they need to make the critical transition to supervisory and management positions.

Executive development

Courses, workshops, seminars and online products that support talent management and the development of leadership competencies among leaders and employees as they progress through the senior ranks of work.

Special development

Dedicated resources and learning opportunities for the various professional communities of practice across the public service and private sector.

Entrepreneurs program

We offer programs that support start-ups and young entrepreneurs by offering knowledge and understanding, instilling skills necessary for progressive business and team management. Our professional mentorship offers reliable relationships between the wannabes and the successful.


An evolving spectrum of learning opportunities that cover topics relevant across disciplines and departments, open to public and private sector employees at every level.


A career guiding and counseling program for teenagers and young adults who have completed high/secondary school and want to make academic choices and pursue careers.


A compendium of learning resources on foundational topics available to all youth leaders, volunteers, and aid workers.

Young scientists

We help upcoming and young scientists with current ns necessary information, mentorship and connections for their career development. Life skills and personal development We facilitate and train on all the general life skills and personal development, creating personal managers visionaries.

Academic Calender

Event Details Dates Venue Certificate Apply
Student Leaders Training A three days training for high school and tertiary institutions students leaders. This is to tackle the issues of students strikes; bullying; sodomy and effective good leadership. June 2017 Kenya School of Government Nairobi, Kenya.

Certificate in Students Leadership.

Student Leader Recognition Award

Details and application
Atlanta Educational Camp All the academic areas August 2017 University of Atlanta, Atlanta Georgia, USA

World Youth Academy training certificate

Relevant specific awards and certificates

Details and Application
Helsinki Educational Camp All academic areas October 2017 To be confirmed, Helsinki Finland

World Youth Academy training certificate

Relevant specific awards and certificates

Details and Application
Melbourne Educational Camp All academic areas December 2017 To be confirmed, Melbourne Australia

World Youth Academy training certificate

Relevant specific awards and certificates

Details and Application
Beijing Educational Camp All academic areas February 2017 To be confirmed, Beijing China

World Youth Academy training certificate

Relevant specific awards and certificates

Details and Application
Cape Town Educational Camp All academic areas April 2018 To be confirmed, Cape Town, South Africa

World Youth Academy training certificate

Relevant specific awards and certificates

Details and Application
Santiago Educational Camp All academic areas June 2018 To be confirmed. Santiago Chile

World Youth Academy training certificate

Relevant specific awards and certificates

Details and Application

Meet Our Team

David Shitsimi

The World Youth President and Founder/Chairman of the World Youth Group and its platforms, David is a Kenyan youth passionate about changing the world through youth participation. He has a burning desire to lift living standards of people and bring peace and stability in the world. His lifelong commitment is to create the best world possible. He has a background in Aeronautics, Diplomacy and Public Administration.

Andy Batlhophi

Andy is currently serving as the Principal Coordinator of the World Youth Academy. He is a seasoned Business Consultant. Operating as a Global consultant for Patka Consulting which develops small businesses in Equador. Andy also works as a Business Development Manager for an energy company based Botswana.He has completed 3 years of his Entreprenuership Degree. His passion resonates with achieving Global Peace through community development.

Aloyce G.

Aloyce is the current Secretary General of the World Youth Community, he is a Mandela Washington Fellow 2015 under Public Management Track from Florida International University, Miami-USA, a prestigious program for Young African Leaders initiated by President Barrack Obama. Aloyce is a holder of Master of Science Degree in International Management from the University of Nottingham, UK. He is a Lecturer of Public Administration, Human Resource Management and International Management at Mzumbe University, Tanzania.

Phatsima K.

Captain Kgomotso Phatsima is a military pilot and a flight safety officer in Botswana Defence Force. She is has 8 years experience in military aviation, among the first female pilots in the country's Defence Force. Captain Phatsima is the Ambassador of Youth in Aviation and Aerospace in Botswana as well a member of ICAO Next Generation of Aviation Professionals. She holds a Master of Science degree in Strategic Management from the University of Derby with a focus on aviation safety and a post graduate certificate in Enterprise Risk Management as well as a certificate in Finance for Non Finance managers both From Botswana Accountancy College

Enayat Safi

Mr. Enayat Safi, the World Youth Chief Secretary: Enayat has worked in different national and international organizations in the field of youth development and youth programs. He was part of the National Youth Policy's formulation in Afghanistan, and member of the youth charter of the South Asian countries. He has been an outstanding part of the United Nation Mission in Sudan and also served as the first Cross Cultural Program's Representative for Afghanistan initiated by the German Foreign Office, and meanwhile worked for the United Nations Habitat as the Youth Empowerment Program's Adviser, as National Youth Programs Officer for the United Nations Population Fund, , and currently works as the Youth Program Manager for Counterpart International and heading the first ever nation-wide Civil Society Emerging Leaders' Program. Mr. Enayat Safi is recently appointed as the World Youth Chief Secretary by the World Youth Community to coordinate and manage the cabinet, ministerial affairs and support the president of the World Youth Government.

Adolph E.

I Currently the PR and Outreach Executive of WYGroup.I holding a bachelor degree in Accounting from Tanzania Institute of Accountancy(T.I.A) Worked with Public as well as Private otganizations. Worked with the Goverment during General Election as as an Ellectoral agent and as a watch man for ruling and opposition parties. I have also held the following positions with different organizations: EHS Co Ltd, Mohamed Enterprise (T) Ltd, PACT Tanzania, Heifer International as: Administration Assistant, Purchase &Store Account Assistant, Finance Assistant Intern, Finance Assistant respectvely.


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    We are glad to have new website launched

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    It is great to have a new face of WYGroup! We look forward to serve you better