We are here for the youth

The World Youth Group offers services directly and through its member organizations. Our services are aimed to uplifting the living standards of the young people, secure a bright future and create stability.
Our support include in fields of affordable and accessible health care; education for all through scholarships and grants; research work; innovation; aviation related and tours and travel; vocational and short term training; job placement assistance; mentorship; rehabilitation; arts, sports and talent development; intercultural and educational exchange programs; fundraising and resource mobilization; advertising, marketing and corporate communication, among others.

Our Services

Our services cut across all sectors and are offered through our various member organizations and platforms. Generally we are a one-stop center for:

  • Youth leadership and service experience
  • Youth diplomacy and governance
  • Diversified areas of job experiences and internships internationally
  • Highly professional and dedicated Trainings and mentorship
  • Aid, interventions and volunteerism
  • International partnerships
  • Diversified imports and exports
  • Innovation and research
  • Fundraising and resources mobilization
  • Aviation and Aerospace goods and services

WYGroup Core Values


The WYGroup family is open, candid, and truthful.


WYGroup family's word is their bond. They do what they say, and live up to the highest standards of fairness and ethical behavior.


WYGroup employees work hard to earn partners' trust and respect on every project they undertake.

Dynamic Culture

WYGroup constantly seek new opportunities to learn, to improve, to teach, and to add value.


WYGroup love what they do, taking the lead, and leading by example.

Guiding Principles


The WYGroup family of companies and organizations is 100% employee-owned. This means extraordinary performance by employees and outstanding value for clients.


Every employee and business partner has something to contribute to World Youth Group's mission and vision. This belief is the key to mutual success.


In return for adding value in the business f the organization, PCL employees can expect to perform meaningful work and to have satisfying career development


WYGroup will not compromise the health and safety of its people by ensuring the best working conditions through support


WYGroup's geographic diversity is an asset for talent a talent base and an enhancemnet of team performamnce.


WYGroup provides the accurate and timely information required to support good and efficient decision-making.


WYGroup values men and women of diverse ages, religions, and ethnic backgrounds.

Social Responsibility

WYGroup encourages and supports its employees in their desire to improve the quality of life in their communities. WYGroup is a contributing partner to world peace and development, youth empowerment, good leadership and responsible governance.

Our Platforms

  • World Youth Presidency - Office of the World Youth President - OWYP
  • Organization for inter governmental partnerships on youth - OIPY
  • Panel of International Young Eminent Persons - PIYEP
  • World Youth Employment Agency Ltd - WYEA
  • African Aeronautics and Space Agency - AASA
  • World Institute of Good Conduct - WIGC
  • World Youth Media Group - WYMG
  • World Youth Government - WYG
  • World Youth Community - WYC
  • World Youth Parliament - WYP
  • World Youth Academy - WYA
  • World Youth Fund - WYF
  • VITAC International